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kangaroo-inmikes-locker asked:

Hey thanks for the follow!! It's funny because I was re-reading Falling Blindly right before I took a short nap, then when I woke up I was notified that you're now following me ahaha. I'm a huge fan of your work. Keep it up! :)

Awwwwwwww! THANK you SO very much!!! I hope that I will be writing really soon.  I am just recovering from a surgery. THANKS so much for reading.


Anonymous asked:

Just want to ask about the next part of Right next door posted on THF. Nr 35 was posted today and nr 33 in May. But no nr 34? Was it just a mistake with the Chapter number?

Thanks for letting me know!! I will check ASAP.


I want everyone to reblog this. I know no one will, because this isn’t a picture of a skinny girl or a deep meaningful quote. This is deeper than everything, how can someone ignore what’s happening in Gaza at the moment. This is one example of many innocent lives being threatened for no reason. This breaks my heart.



Here’s Michael, Back In May, Correctly Predicting The Country Of His Birth As The 2014 World Cup Winner.

Fassy the Soothsayer!

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